How Can we Survive without Technology or Internet?
The Answer is No Never Because Everything based on Technology. So we cannot live without it! Its quality of Whole Life. If Technology not exit we cannot use These major Things Like, Music , Videos , Internet , Video Games , Social life , So we cannot more life Spent without technology. Now a days Every Person Connect with Social Media like Facebook, twitter, Whatsaap , Google Plus, So Thing is that when These Setup closed ever So How can we survived without these Activates ?

Laptops, computers, cell phones, hand-held tools folks have over required resources however are unable to use these sagely. all people uses technology in some ways that} or the opposite to form life easier which is that the reason it's return a protracted manner, with tremendous developments in every field, be it the web or mobile phones


When we see the Positive side of technology we have more than its advantages and more options to take an Easy and Better life For example in days every person should have Mobile and mobile application installed on mostly every person cell phones like we can use every time everywhere connect those apps and trace the healthy activities, Games, new videos, latest technology News mostly everything which you search and we can communicate over the world through internet

Technology is neither smart nor dangerous, at this time it's impossible to measure while not technology, but yes, we will notice ways that to use it sagely and not entirely rely on it. Eventually, in the end, we've come back to the conclusion that we have a tendency to aren't entirely hooked in to technology, nevertheless we tend to think about it for many of the items in our way of life



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