The question is - Is it real or is it just  thinking?

We've all seen the headlines on the covers of magazines at the grocery, telling us how easy it is to earn crazy amounts of money in no or very little time.

And you've probably visited different websites in your quest to earn more money, websites with the picture of the fancy mansion and the exotic sports cars in the driveway to give you the impression of easy riches.

I've bought the magazines and read the articles and I've bought quite a few of these programs online and they all seem to tell you just enough to meet the letter of the law but never tell you everything you need to know to earn the amount of money they make you think you can earn and it's very frustrating.

I wish, just for once, someone would please tell me 'how' I can do it! Explain it to me! Please break it down so I can understand it!

So that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to show you how it really is possible to earn $1,000 in just one weekend.

So, let's get started.

First, this involves selling. Now don't say you can't sell. I know you can. You sell yourself every time you apply for a job, don't you? Although this is about selling it is not the kind you think it is. You won't need to convince people they need what you are offering because they can clearly see it is something they already want and need. There is actually very little selling to be done.

If you can walk up to a stranger and say "Hello. How are you?" you can do this.

Second, it takes money to make money. There will be an investment - you must have something to sell, yes? But the investment does not need to be thousands of dollars to start. I began with just $200. (I realize even $200 is quite a bit of money for some people, I used to think it was, but it's rather difficult to make money without spending money to begin with, isn't it? Some people get started with even less.)
Third, I only handle brand new merchandise. I do not rummage through thrift stores, I don't shop at garage and yard sales looking for something to sell and I don't dive into Dumpsters.

So what is it I actually do? I sell at flea markets. I've done so for many years and have earned a very good income just working weekends. (I like to tell my friends my weekends are five days long, lol!)

It's not rocket science. I buy goods at low wholesale prices and UPS delivers them. I take them to the flea market on Saturday morning and display them nicely on my tables. When shoppers begin arriving I say a cheery "Good morning!" and begin a conversation, same as I would as if I had known them for years. I might compliment them on how I like the color of their shirt or something. People like compliments.

They will see I am friendly and walk closer to my tables to see what I sell. I will watch their eyes as much as I can to see what items they are looking at and tell them a few benefits of that item - what it can do for them, how it can make their life easier or better, etc.

This isn't selling as much as it is just being helpful. Just smile and be friendly.

Before you know it they are picking things up and looking closer and judging for themselves if it is worth the price I have on it. It is and another sale is made.

I don't go crazy on my prices. I mark them up to make a decent profit, yes, but I keep my prices a bit below retail. Customers know what retail stores charge for the same items and they love to get a bargain.

I set up in the biggest, busiest flea markets, where I will have 1,000 to 5,000+ shoppers pass my booth each day. A certain percentage of those people will stop and look and a certain percentage of those lookers will buy something.

$1,000 per weekend equals $500 per day (two-day weekend). Expenses (space rent and your wholesale cost of the items plus shipping) run me around 33%, or $165 out of $500. So to clear $500 per day I need roughly $665 in sales per day. I often surpass that.

In full disclosure I do not have just $200 worth of merchandise available. I have $1,500 - $2,000 worth of merchandise (at my wholesale cost). I began with only $200 because that's all I could afford when I first started my business and I put the profits back into it by buying more merchandise and expanding my business. In just a few short months I made $800 in just one day.

I price my items at roughly three times their wholesale cost. If I bought an item for $1 I sell it for $3 to $4. If I paid $10 for it I sell it for $30 to $40. Most people buy several different items while they are there. I easily make several hundred sales each day.



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