How to Increase Life of Printer

Whenever you are going Long Holidays so when you come back to home You see dust on your Computer or Printer also because nobody clean it and if you want to Print something like your Holidays Pictures etc when you turn on Printer its Doesn’t work So here we give you Some Tips or Tricks that yo u make better Life of your Printer Perfect So Keep touch with us.

Keep It Clean

If you clean your Printer Regularly. I think 90 Percent Solve your Problem  But mostly peoples Forgot to Clean our Printer or personal Computer even me. Everything needs a clean then those things working perfectly so keep clean your Printers with normally routine. I think it’s take 1, 2 minutes just
In order to assist with the printing, ink and toner contain additives like wax, drying agents and lubricants all of that, expectantly, get into all the limited cracks of the printer when long print jobs. A build-up of this may cause mechanical components to stay and seize and cover necessary sensors in your printer.
First you Turn off Printer is Greatest way to neat and clean your Printers. Need a small brush like a painting brush or a small piece of clothes to clean dust around the printer. One more option is that Now a Days in market some local companies made a Electronics and Computer Cleaner packet with small brush , and Liquid or CTC carbon tetra chloride. My suggestion its best option for clean your system and Printers, laptops it’s very cheap. You can use it an your Printer very neat and clean like new.

Note : NEVER you Water or Liquid inside your Printer

Unblocking Paper

When paper is jam don't pull the paper out through the output tray. Doing this can be harmful to the paper wheels that feeds the paper through and may additionally tear the paper, let alone bits of torn paper, which can damage your printer later.
Most printers go along with a rear hatch which can enable you access to the printer wheels and wherever the paper jam is probably going to be. Once the jam is found use caution once removing the paper to avoid bending or harming any elements of the printer.

Always Use Quality Paper

Today’s Different Locally paper making Companies are come in market so nobody judgment easily paper quality because Printer paper looking same. One of the most measurements for paper is its gram mage or density of the paper. Paper with less density or a lower gram mage is usually cheaper and possibly the selection of the general public trying to avoid wasting some pennies, the disadvantage is that rarity paper, attributable to its weakness, are additional probably to cause paper jams which might ultimately damage your printer. A gram mage of 90g/m2 is that the business normal for prime quality printer paper.

Avoid Cheap  Inks and Toner

Ink and Toner is expensive, this can be reality. it's terribly tempting to use compatible, refilled or re-manufactured ink and toner to chop back on the price of printing however new, original cartridges are out and away the most effective and safest to use. it's like putt a compatible or used engine half into your automobile rather than the manufacturer approved half, it should work 1st however the performance of the automobile are affected and you're probably to interrupt down.

Printer Ink comes with a print surrender, which is an expected number of prints that can be done until the cartridge runs out. Original ink cartridges can manufacture anyplace between 1000 to 1 million prints before it expires.


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