How to fix Android Lollipop Errors ?

Mostly All Android Devices is out form Marshmallow, But Now days Lot of Android devices and smartphones still using Lollipop. Lollipop is Out Class OS of Android Devices with variety of Amazing features. Many issues are coming day by day from peoples talking about it. But today some of big issue here listed below and their Solution’s that you fix it easily!

 Apps Crash:

All new updated of Lollipop effect on memory leaks that’s why it create many problems over all. One of the Big issued is this Lollipop version causing application crash and even everything is stop working even application running stopped without any instruction or error. But this problems mostly come on new highly updated devices if we see on past means old devices this could cause many problems like rebooting the device and fix for temporarily Solve any after some days it came back same situation. If you want to permanently sole this issue you will have to wait for Google Official release updates.

Slow Charge:
If you feel your devices or smartphone little bit slow working on charging then before. You are not alone. Because mostly users have same issues.
Note: Please don’t use personal computer charger like from data cable charger it will always be slow and Consume your battery life
If you’re using third party / Company charger that’s the reason of slow charging on your device
May be your data cable have problem change your data cable and try again
Last One is please make sure all cache files have been removed form Apps manager. Keep clean your devices from cache.

Camera  not working:

Many people have been facing this Android Lollipop issue, this issue has unsatisfied them a lot. Some people have also been complaining about the camera buttons disappearing so even you cannot switch to the front camera. Some solutions to fix this issue are listed below

• Restart your mobile and then open the camera application
• Force stop the camera application from settings and clear its cache and data and then restart your device
• Clean the Cache of your device.

• Factory reset your device


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